Month: September 2020

The Beauty of Aurora: Part 2

The concert with the Bergen Philharmonic Symphony I posted here showcases one facet of this brilliant young Norwegian singer-songwriter's gift.  Here's two more facets.  The first highlights her lyrics and writing ability.  The second is a live performance in an...

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A Great Review and FREE BOOK FRIDAY

  Cheah Kit Sun is Singapore's first Hugo and Dragon nominated author.  He's also a fine professional reviewer who wrote a great review of my REVENGERS series here  I don't normally read reviews.  I find them distracting. I prefer to focus on writing the best...

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Neurophysiology and The Real Fight

 Geoff Thompson is one of the founders of reality-based self defense. Geoff, and my friends Dennis Martin and John Brawn, were the reasons I went to the UK in the 90s to test neural-based training on the street. If you want to see how training works in a street...

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Less Is More

It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential —- Bruce Lee When I’m asked to prove that accelerated learning combined with stress inoculation holds up in the real world, I never cite studies and I rarely mention all the lives saved by my...

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Salt, Great Food, and Revenge Fiction

In my ongoing series THE REVENGERS, the two protagonists are retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeants from Force Recon, with a few side gigs for the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. In their EQUALIZER like quest to balance the scales of justice by ridding the world...

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 For a fine example of superior performance under extraordinary stress, check out FAUDA on Netflix.  It fictionalizes the operations of the mistavrim, the deep cover counter-terror units of the Israeli Defense Force.  Similar to the "pseudo ops" of the SAS in Malaya,...

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