Month: September 2020

The Beauty of Aurora

This concert was live-streamed just a few days ago. It is one of the most thoroughly beautiful musical experiences I’ve ever had. Aurora is a young and incredibly gifted artist from Norway. Her music and her humble, thoughtful commentary breathe the spirit of the...

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Preconscious Processing and Training Design

  From Amazon:   Norman Dixon's PRECONSCIOUS PROCESSING integrates data from various research areas concerned with the effects of unconscious perception and the preconscious antecedents of subjective experience. Discusses the possible nature and origin of preconscious...

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Intuition, Pattern Recognition, and Cognitive Dominance

One of my favorite films is the Japanese classic YOJIMBO (Bodyguard) by Akira Kurasawa\_201703 The storyline concerns a ronin samurai who wanders into a conflict between two village factions. Using his psychological skills in...

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Back In Time, With Time-Pieces

Dennis Martin in Rhodesia My photo yesterday of my recently acquired watch sparked a dialogue between me and Dennis Martin, my dear friend and brother in arms on several continents. Dennis is one of the Grand Masters of WW2 Combatives and High Risk VIP training.  He...

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Elon’s Pigs, and The Old Man and His Knife

Elon and his pigs reminded me of a family story.. My grandfather Eustachio was a renowned Filipino martial artist and fighter. He killed 14 men in consensual duels in the Philippines, not uncommon in the early 1900s. He escaped from tribal police by swimming out to a...

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