Month: October 2020


I have a promotion going this week to prep for the publication of my latest novella, MACON:  BOOK 4 OF THE REVENGERS. MACON will debut sometime between now and Halloween, depending on the vagaries of Amazon's KDP Publishing machine (and it is, after all, Mercury...

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A Teacher Is Measured By His Students

The most dangerous one is the one in the middle. Warrant Officer Clint Oosthuizen of the South African Police Service is my Brother From Another Mother. He's a master instructor of karate, military combatives, knife combat, handgunnery, combat tactics urban and rural,...

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Jedi Council, circa early 90s

From far left, clockwise around the Council Table: Vince O'Neill, Oklahoma State Police, Old Skool Oklahoma gunfighter; (then) Sergeant Dave Spaulding of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department, then SWAT and Training; (then) Special Agent Scott Ralston, Federal Air...

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Snowmobiles, Cognitive Neuroscience and Training Design

John Boyd, the brilliant fighter pilot and strategist/warrior-monk, opened his lectures on strategy with this example: “Imagine that you are -- on a ski slope with other skiers—retain this image in Florida riding in an outboard motorboat—maybe even towing...

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Still Training After All These Years

 Gratitude to Guro Mike O'Melia, of the Sayoc Clan, Minneapolis Tribe I devote about 98% of my training development and training time to the nurturance of superior instructors in performance enhancement under extreme stress.  Most of them come from Tier One units and...

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Some Dudes I Learned From

From left to right:  John "Lofty" Wiseman, Regimental Sergeant Major, 22d Special Air Service. Sergeant Evan Marshall, Detroit Police SWAT and Firearms Instructor. Dennis Martin, co-founder of CQB Services, Hereford UK. Captain David Scott-Donelan, Rhodesian Special...

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Available for Pre-Order: Book 4 of THE REVENGERS

Macon Champagne is the name she selected when she entered the Witness Protection Program. It was her private joke on her criminal partners after she betrayed their long standing enterprise to a corruption-busting US Attorney riding high on a RICO case. She got a full...

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All Along The Watchtower

The Watchtower at Tar-Megiddo in Israel.  The plains below are known as Armageddon.  This is where the Final Battle between the Legions of Light and the Legions of Darkness is to take place.

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