Month: November 2020


DRAFT concept cover, final TBD My collaborator Dennis Martin of CQB Services, UK, sent along this brief article this morning. It’s a good introduction to the snippet posted below in response to recent requests to explain “shadowboxing with guns” I mentioned in...

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Questions and Answers

1) Why don’t you have comments enabled on your blog? Takes too much time to moderate. If people have questions they can e-mail me with a logged ISP, which helps fine tune the sound to noise ratio.2) Do you train instructors? Daily. Via text, phone, occasional video...

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Blasts From The Past

Marcus, David Scott-Donelan and Dennis Martin training the US Army in the 80s. Fresh after a kidnap-raid and hot pursuit by two SWAT teams. The 60 plus member SWAT team took over 80% casualties in the first ten minutes of the exercise. They lost all their command...

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Sex, Robots, and Artificial Intelligence

"If you can't tell the difference [between a robot and a human], why does it matter?" "To be clear, I am not a person. I am not self-aware. I am not conscious. I can’t feel pain. I don’t enjoy anything. I am a cold, calculating machine designed to simulate human...

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WORKING WITH WARRIORS — The Evolution of Combatives

BUY HERE I was recently going over my Amazon reviews. When I went to this book, authored by my good friend and long time collaborator Dennis Martin, I couldn’t find my review. I have the draft copy — written many years ago when the book first came out — but my actual...

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