Month: December 2020

Super Soldiers, Planet of the Apes, and The Future of Warfare

  Chinese Super Soldiers French Super Soldiers These two recent open source articles caught my attention recently. Super soldiers, performance enhancement, the how to, the why, and the "what are the downstream consequences" are all areas of interest to me, and...

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How To Train A National Hostage Rescue Team

  In a previous post HERE I introduced Clint Ootzhuitzen of the South African Police Service.  In addition to his private training consultancy, Clint remains on active duty with the SAPS. He serves in a variety of roles: patrol commander, tactical team commander,...

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Poem Of The Day: the boys i mean are not refined

  THE BOYS I MEAN ARE NOT REFINED by e.e. cummings the boys i mean are not refined they go with girls who buck and bite they do not give a fuck for luck they hump them thirteen times a night   one hangs a hat upon her tit one carves a cross on her behind...

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