Month: September 2021

It’s A Dangerous World. Keep Your Skills Up…

...So you can serve and protect during a high threat... ...And pick up and run any gun... ...And detect surveillance, electronic and otherwise... ...And configure your fighting load appropriately. (Minneapolis EDC).. ...And Stand The Night Watch.

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Hey Friends, Show Kindle Vella Some Love Will You?

Go HERE to read the latest REVENGERS novel:  JEFF I've been uploading chapters of the latest REVENGERS novel to Kindle Vella as an experiment. Amazon isn't doing a great job of promoting Kindle Vella, which I imagine is their strategy to see if it takes off on his...

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A History Lesson In Photos For The Young Guns

The late great COL Jeff Cooper with some Brit friends. Dennis Martin to Cooper's left (Den in ball cap and sunglasses)   A very young Ken Hackathorn with Dennis and Terry O'Neill   The very young Dan Inosanto on his first seminar outside the US with Dennis...

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