A Blog About Nothing

by | Jan 10, 2010

I’m playing around with this very cool blogging site, www.posterous.com. It’s a greatly simplified blog set-up; all you have to do is send an e-mail to your account and voila! It’s automatically formatted and loaded simultaneously to an external blog *and* your Facebook page if you like.

So I’m going to play with it and see how it works out. If you’re on my Facebook feed, you may already have noticed my wonderfully eclectic collection of friends: novelists, mercenaries, soldiers, martial artists, cooks, readers, doctors, lawyers, Indian Chiefs, shamans, healers, massage therapists and a whole slew of us regular folk.

Some things I may blog about:

Neural based training for combatives
Shamanic practices
Training tips for shooters, knifers, and hand to hand guys and gals
Books and movies I like
Authors I like (lots of them on my list)
Writing tips for novels, screenplays, heck, maybe even poetry
Emergency Preparedness
Apocalyptic visions

And other random topics.

Except for politics.

Stay tuned!

cheers, m