An Update From The Road

by | Feb 24, 2012

I’m back from a lengthy trip and taking care of business.  First order is this:

1.  I’ve shut down my Facebook page and I’m working exclusively over on Google+.  If you’d like to have regular social media contact, please join me at this link.  Like I did on my FB page, I keep my G+ page semi-locked and non-public.

2.  The next book in the WYLDE SAGA will probably be coming out in April or May; it slid back a little bit, and I have some business stuff I need to set in place first.  But it will rock just as hard as the first two — stay tuned!

3.  I have winners for the TOO WYLDE promotion!  To preserve their privacy, the knife was won by a world-class combatives instructor in the United Kingdom; the gunsmithing by Karl Sokol was won by a police officer in Utah, the hour consultation/conversation was won by a reader/martial artist in South Africa, and the T-shirt was won by a very cool gun-toting ass-kicking muay thai fighter who is a very fine Harley-riding gal!

Stay tuned for the next book and more prizes; also please consider joining me on Google +

Thanks for reading!