And Finally, The Achy Man

by | Jan 14, 2022

I have a horror-thriller story I’ve been messing around with for years. THE ACHY MAN is the story of a demonic family from a demonic town (Hell Hallow), who move from victimizing the poor and minority community in their small town to larger hunting grounds in Minneapolis. After their activities in human trafficking, organized crime, and money laundering are discovered during the Minneapolis riots, they flee a Department of Justice investigation to hide in the Black Hills of South Dakota. They begin investing their criminal proceeds in real estate…and start stalking the Native American population for new prey.

But there’s a small quiet Native American woman in their way. And she’s from a long line of Lakota warriors.

And she knows what they really are.

As I wind down JEFF: BOOK 5 OF THE REVENGERS, I will run THE ACHY MAN on Kindle Vella. The short 600-5000 segments suit me for getting fiction done in between everything else.

Stay tuned!

I’m back from taking a break in the great outdoors…and ready to work.