And Now The Next Chapter In The Continuing Saga…

by | Apr 25, 2013

…of Jimmy John Wylde and his merry band of miscreants and do-gooding gunfighters.

The chapter is available here:

The chapters are, and will remain, only available on Smashwords. They are available in every electronic format: Kindle, Nook, etc. I’ll be putting the remaining eight chapters of the book up at roughly one week intervals. When the book is complete, I’ll collate and edit it and then distribute it through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iBookstore, etc. So Smashwords is the only place to find it — for now.

Someone asked me, not long ago: “Why are you publishing your book one chapter at a time?”

Various answers:
a. Because I think it’s a cool experiment. I’ve been watching with interest what John Scalzi did with his recent serial installment sci-fi novel.
b. Keeps me disciplined as to output.
c. I’m way behind on getting this book out and my fans demand more and sooner, so they get what they want, right now.
d. The short serial format is well suited to electronic consumption. You can download a chapter, about the length of a short story, and read it on your smartphone, your tablet, your e-book reader, your laptop — wherever you have time and the space to do so. My readers tell me that they like being able to read a standalone chapter on their various electronic devices when they have small bits of time…and who doesn’t have small bits of time broken up all through the day?
e. And, most of all, just because I want to. That’s what indie writers get to do.