Blasts From The Past

by | Nov 20, 2020

Marcus, David Scott-Donelan and Dennis Martin training the US Army in the 80s. Fresh after a kidnap-raid and hot pursuit by two SWAT teams. The 60 plus member SWAT team took over 80% casualties in the first ten minutes of the exercise. They lost all their command structure down to and including all Sergeants, all of their snipers, and anyone displaying initiative in the resulting chaos. The four-man terror cell team they fought included the three above plus Lofty Wiseman.

From left to right, Dennis Martin, Warren “Zevon” Buttler, lead firearms instructor Federal Air Marshal Program, longtime undercover narc before FAM, an unnamed member of the Ontario Regional Tactical Team, David Scott-Donelan, and me as control officer for a linear problem hostage recovery exercise.

Annual meeting of The Receding Hairline Club, Hereford UK Chapter 1. Dennis, me, Lofty.