More Super Soldier Stuff

 In THE BOURNE LEGACY, Jeremy Renner plays a lone wolf super-soldier enhanced by special medication pills.  As is so often the case, fiction predicts the future. Chemical, pharmaceutical, and nutraceuticals are being integrated into existing full-spectrum protocols...

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In Praise Of Dangerous Men

 I've had the privilege and pleasure of getting to know many dangerous men and women in the course of my rambler's life. I'm always gratified to discover that many (not all, but many) of the most lethal human beings walking the earth are also intelligent, witty,...

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How Super Heroes Get Their Minds Right

 I think saving lives is just the best thing you can do. At The End Of Days, the thing I'll offer up for judgment will be the lives I've saved or positively affected, personally and through training. I might not have much money, but dude, I'm Bezos-Musk-Gates level...

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