Catching Up With Kindle Vella…

by | Aug 13, 2021

I’m catching up on my experiment with Kindle Vella. Check it out (for free) HERE.

Let me know what you think via the Kindle Vella feedback platform or via e-mail. I’m putting up the new REVENGERS novel, Book 5: JEFF one 600-700 word mini-chapter at a time. Several new episodes up today. I have the option to pull it down and assemble it as a regular book, now or later on. I’m curious to see how this new Amazon platform takes off.

In other book news, starting next Monday 16 August through Friday 20 August the compiled WYLDE books, WYLDE: BOOKS 1-3 will be FREE on Amazon HERE:

I’m considering resurrecting the WYLDE series in Kindle Vella format since it suits the style of that story. We’ll see how it pans out.

More soon!