Coming Soon: A Chat With Dr. Chris Berka, CEO of Advanced Brain Monitoring

by | Sep 24, 2020

I received a delightful invitation today from Dr. Chris Berka, who read my post NEUROPHYSIOLOGY AND THE REAL FIGHT. We’re coordinating a discussion ABM will record and post on their social medias about how her work has inspired, influenced and reinforced my own training design evolutions. As I said in my post, I consider Dr. Berka to be the pioneer and leading authority in the rigorous lab-based neuroscience research that complements, supports and evolves my own training designs.

See her company profile here.

I’ve asked to include Dr. Aminda O’Hare, my Director of Research and long time collaborator.  See Aminda’s site here. Aminda is one of the country’s leading experts on EEG and performance. Her focus is EEG based research into how mindfulness changes the brain, and training to accelerate that beneficial process. She was selected from thousands of Ph.D applicants to tutor the Dalai Lama and teach at his university in India.  She is working on a longitudinal study on the long term benefit of mindfulness in collaboration with the Dalai Lama’s monks.  Aminda is the Director of the Neuroscience Program and Lab at Weber University in Utah.  She and Dr. Amanda Beer, our Clinical Director, co-authored the first peer reviewed paper on accelerated learning accomplished concurrently with stress inoculation.  Paper here

Once everything is coordinated and recorded, I will post a link to the various sites where the discussion will be posted.

Check back often for updates.