Ethics, Super Soldiers, And Hard Choices

by | Jan 13, 2022

One of my best friends and favorite Super-Soldier sent me this article.:  READ SUPER SOLDIERS HERE

The article clearly outlines the issues (for most Western societies) that inhibit the full utilization of the super-soldier enhancement capability WE ALREADY HAVE.

Those would be the moral and ethical concerns.

A question I posed to two actual Super-Soldiers (or Sailors) was this:

You’re in charge of training a strategic level unit of Super Soldiers/Sailors. As part of the national initiative, you are handed a 5-year-old child. That five-year-old child was BRED and genetically modified via CRISPR and other emerging genetic manipulation techniques. Among the enhancements are fear inhibition, aggressiveness, superior vision including night vision, faster pattern recognition, faster learning and retention, increased muscular mass and strength, increased motor processing speed. The child has no parents, but from birth has been exposed (and reinforced via means such as trans cranial magnetic stimulation) to images of a beloved distant figure, and the motivation built in at the deepest level is one of LOVE and ADORATION for that distant parental figure.

Who just happens to bear a striking resemblance to the senior training officer in this program.

And so the question(s) is/are:  would you accept the responsibility of a CHILD bred to fight and die for you out of an enhanced feeling of deep love? How would that color your training approach? How would you spend that life if it was necessary? And if that child/young warrior survived long enough, would you retire it? Or put it down like a working dog? If you retired it, what about those super-human capabilities? How would you manage a retirement home of super-augmented super-soldiers?

Other countries don’t ask those questions. China is among one of those. And by the way, the training program I describe above, minus the technical enhancement, was exactly the training program for the elite Kim Il Sung Brigade of the North Korean People’s Army under Kim il Sung, the forefather of Kim Jong On. That’s what they did with carefully selected orphans.

And while the article tiptoes around a definitive statement, I’ll say with a reasonably high degree of certainty that EVERYTHING outlined as possible in that article is something we, the United States, and other countries as well, are CAPABLE of RIGHT NOW.

Read the article. Mull it over. What would you do?