Hey Friends, Show Kindle Vella Some Love Will You?

by | Sep 30, 2021

Go HERE to read the latest REVENGERS novel:  JEFF

I’ve been uploading chapters of the latest REVENGERS novel to Kindle Vella as an experiment. Amazon isn’t doing a great job of promoting Kindle Vella, which I imagine is their strategy to see if it takes off on his own. It’s an interesting experiment as an author — you can upload stories or chapters of at least 600 words and no more than 5000 and then readers purchase tokens to purchase however many chapters they want to read. The first 3-5 chapters are free to give you a taste. It’s like one token for one hundred words, so 6-7 tokens per chapter. I like that it forces structure on my writing time to get chapters up on anything resembling a regular schedule. I have way too many things competing for my attention to not take advantage of that.

If you follow my fiction and THE REVENGERS in particular, the whole book is going up a chapter at a time right now and it’s about half way through. If you’re familiar with the classic pulp novel structure I use, the first half of the book introduces the continuing characters and the mission for that particular book, the third quarter is from the bad guy’s perspective, and the last quarter is pure chase and adrenaline.

This particular novel has interesting synchronicity with real world events, as my friends often accuse me of, LOL. If you follow the news on “sonic weapons” and “mysterious electronic attacks” on CIA, military and diplomatic personnel (VP Harris had to reschedule her trip to Viet Nam because of these attacks, and it’s become an open and growing concern world wide) then you’ll enjoy the perspective of Salt and Sanchez, two grizzled Force Recon Marine Master Gunnery Sergeants who’ve spent time on the Dark Side and have more than a little familiarity with the tactical (and ethical) applications of said weapons.

They find a .gov employee freelancing with the technology to satisfy his dark urges.

And so they go after him so they may introduce him to their dark urges, when it comes to those who think they’re untouchable in their practice of victimizing the helpless.

Mayhem ensues.

Read a few chapters, leave a review if you want, give it a thumbs up or whatever. I more than likely will after putting the whole novel up and letting it run on Kindle Vella for awhile, take it down and compile it and sell at as a regular Kindle book.

We’ll see.


Go HERE to read the latest REVENGERS novel:  JEFF