How To Kill With Social Media

by | Jan 15, 2021

I dumped social media over ten years ago.  It was evident to me the direction the “surveillance economy” was taking. In exchange for instant connection with people all over the world we were giving up vast amounts of personal information. And we were accepting 24/7 monitoring. In the current technological paradigm, where daily exponential growth is a given, the difference between “then” and “now” may as well be that between different planets or dimensions.

This EXCELLENT documentary explains the WHY, HOW, and TO WHOM very clearly and succinctly.

There is no better short education on the pros, cons, and pitfalls of social media, persuasive technology, and the sale of our attention spans to advertisers to benefit the wealthiest corporations the world has ever seen.

There is no better overview on WEAPONIZED social media manipulating us through artificial intelligence driven persuasive technology in the devices, the platforms, and our HABITS derived from the all-pervasive influence of technology and social media.

Something I learned a long time ago as a young investigator:  Cui Bono. “Who profits?”

So if you ask that simple question regarding the current chaos nationally and globally, look at who is making the most money right now. Tech billionaires and high tech companies, especially the social media and interactive technologies.

Watch and learn. But only if you dare.