Jedi Council, circa early 90s

by | Oct 13, 2020

From far left, clockwise around the Council Table: Vince O’Neill, Oklahoma State Police, Old Skool Oklahoma gunfighter; (then) Sergeant Dave Spaulding of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department, then SWAT and Training; (then) Special Agent Scott Ralston, Federal Air Marshal, now Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Chicago Field Office; Dennis Martin, co-founder CQB Services, UK, top high threat protection trainer in the world; some young dude named Marcus, who drove the car and fetched the coffee; Ed Lovette, Special Forces, New Mexico State Police, Central Intelligence Agency, then Director of Paramilitary Training; Evan Marshall, Detroit Police Department, then working Homicide after a long stint in SWAT and Training; Burt Du Vernay, then Director of Training at the Smith & Wesson Academy.

Now we’re all Just Sum Dudes. ; )