Please Show Your Work. Okay —

by | May 16, 2021


Linked below is my first (of several) patent application and supporting schematics. This pertains to one of our processes developed after extensive research and application testing in the real world. This particular training process, when executed as outlined, results in what at this point appears to be permanent change in the trainee’s brain. This change results in a psycho-physiological baseline state that enhances situational awareness at the preconscious perceptual level, and further results in accelerated expertise and stress inoculation. The method can be applied standalone, or embedded within an existing training program, or it can be automated and merged with existing and emergent neuro-modulation technology. Adding AI communication capability for human to AI tutoring, or vice versa, via means like Elon Musk’s NeuralLink jumpstarts the ability for directly accelerating knowledge transfer via artificial intelligence. 

It could be, with the right team, a jump-start on a new paradigm of training that fuses the best of Old Skool with the high-tech of New School. And not just in tactical high-threat training — utilizing emergent technology to install and reinforce superior cognitive patterns WITHIN a training program doesn’t just accelerate expertise and knowledge transfer — it gives it a quantum boost. In any subject area.

My Mad Scientist Crew (thanks, Doctor Aminda O’Hare, Doctor Amanda Beer, and all my many colleagues) have been essential in finally formalizing this first process. And I have to thank the brilliant lawyers (all Ph.Ds in hard science as well) who helped us craft this: Vince Pham, now Counsel at 3M, and the brilliant Dr. Keith Campbell of Mueting Raasch Group. 

So why are we blasting this out on the internet?

We’ve sent this on an early look basis to major players who understand this innovation and are able to fully optimize it. (Elon, if you’re reading this today, yes I’d be happy to design a training program for your astronauts and Mars colonists, and merge NeuralLink applications to accelerate training for human to human interaction and human to AI interaction!). After doing this stuff for a long time, I have a daily dose of humility in knowing there’s so much I don’t know, and so many people I don’t know, and so many people that don’t know what we’ve been doing while in our “stealth” development mode. We’ve done presentations for DARPA, Google’s X, and other major US and foreign research entities. And there’s a lot of people and organizations out there with the financial resources and technical capability to leverage this. So in addition to our targeted release we’re adding this broad release. The patent and supporting documents linked below will be published on the US Patent Office anyway, so I thought I’d give my faithful readers an early look. Who knows? I believe in synchronicity as a life-principle. Let’s see what happens.

In addition to the technical innovation reinforced by DARPA and Google and others, there’s significant valuation involved in this particular IP. Since I never take one opinion, no matter how learned it may be, on face value, I asked two separate major investment firms to evaluate our early stage value.  I asked one to take the most critical approach in evaluation, to “Red Team” us to death. I asked the other one to take the most optimistic approach, a “Blue Sky” evaluation. I thought that would give me an idea of range when talking with investors and purchasers and potential license holders.

The most critical approach prepared by Princeton Capital determined a value of approximately $11M.  The most optimistic evaluation prepared by North Sky Capital determined a value of approximately $79M.

As Mulder likes to say, “The truth is out there.” Those evaluations were for an outright purchase. At this point we’re considering offers to license in a variety of ways: non-exclusive, exclusive in certain areas (technical exploitation vs. application in training private security for example) and so on. Lawyer territory and we have the best.

But of course, the assumption is that people are interested in changing paradigms, which I have ample evidence is generally not the case.

So we’ll see what happens. 

One concept I’m exploring is creating the “Thunder Ranch” or “Gunsite” of soft-skills out here in lovely Rapid City, South Dakota, my new home. My friend and mentor Ed Lovette and I over many drinks some years ago dreamed up the concept of an “Oxford for Mayhem” to steal some language from Fairbairn and Applegate. The concept was to break down the silos between different disciplines and promote a collegial mixing of disparate expertise to promote creativity, synchronicity, and new forms of collaboration. I wanted a place where a DEVGRU operator can plop down on a couch next to a cognitive neuroscientist, a yoga teacher, and a software developer and while shooting the breeze come up with a solution to problems that no one of them could come up with alone. 

Next week I’m having the first of several meetings with representatives from Tier 1 units from all over the world. Most of them have been sending people to me, or bringing me to them, for many years. Maybe if I build it out here in the gorgeous Black Hills I can get them to come out here.

We’ll see.

For inquiries and questions, please contact Carol Martinson, Chief Operating Officer, Accentus-Ludus, LLC, my long time friend and business partner at Alternatively your lawyer can contact ours, Keith Campbell of Mueting Raasch Group at