Random Thoughts on Mindset #8: The Algebra of Mindset

by | Aug 8, 2013

While killing time today, I found myself doodling notes for an upcoming class. Here’s some random thoughts on the different components of mindset and what they add up to:

The willingness to do violence + The ability to perform violence = Combative Mindset

The willingness to do violence is based on core values:
–The value of one’s self
–The value of others

The physical and mental ability to perform violence:
–training, experience, skills

–Maintain ability to utilize all higher cognitive functions as appropriate.
–Maintain ability to utilize and manage adrenalized states and autonomic nervous system while under extreme stress.

So if you add the willingness to do violence + the ability to perform violence = capability of violence and/or capability of *effective* violence.

*A child is capable of violence. A child *may* be capable of effective violence.
*A sociopath’s core values are focused on his/her self — what his/her desires, wants are. Other people’s feelings don’t count. No empathy.
*A warrior (positive orientation) core values are focused on service to others; to protect and serve. Self-identity derives from service going in harm’s way. Doesn’t necessarily seek credit.
*A warrior (negative orientation) core values are focused on service to his/her self, his/her self-image as potent and/or dangerous; may be of service to others but primary motivation is self-aggrandizement/enhancing personal image. Requires credit/acknowledgement on some level, or at least recognition through eliciting fear/respect, etc.

The focus in the neural-based training protocols is to parse out the elements of the *mental* platform that can be trained — just as you can train attributes as well as specific techniques physically, you can do the same with necessary mental attributes.

Necessary mental attributes that add up to the “combative mindset”
*Habitual situational awareness
*Alignment with positive core values in line with the mission.
*Ability to access and utilize all higher cognitive functions while in the fight.
*Ability to manage psycho-physiological state on demand and exercise control over ANS as required while under immediate-threat-to-life stress.

And yes, I’ve found that *all* of those can be parsed out and trained.

Discussion welcomed.