Random Thoughts Podcast 2: John Robb on Artificial Intelligence, Business, Education and the Restructuring of American Society

by | Apr 19, 2017

That’s kind of a long winded title, but it’s just a taste of the territory John Robb and I cover in a rambling 40 minute conversation.  If you don’t know John, you should.  Go here for his history, which is significant:



John is the nearest thing to a prophet the military, government and high-tech has right now.  He predicted (and defined) open source warfare and terrorism, invented the RSS software that drives blogs, consults on policy for every agency in the US that’s involved in military or foreign police, writes books and blogs, predicted autonomous warfare (and was a special consultant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the future of robotics warfare and artificial intelligence) and he’s a  damn fine conversationalist.

John and I are notorious to our significant others for our long and tangential conversations (I mostly just shut up and listen, as one should when you’re lucky enough to listen to one of the world’s authorities) and we’d discussed, several times, just turning on a recorder and capturing some of our random thoughts.

John’s a huge influence on me, my company and much of my writing.  His thoughts on the evolution of artificial intelligence and how it will reshape (or tear down) all elements of American society are insightful and may be useful to those considering the challenges that emerge for us each day.

This is an informal phone conversation between two friends, not a formal interview, and an experiment with various software platforms that allow us to move a phone call into a podcast with a minimum of work.  Listen for the content instead of the occasional glitches if you want to make the best of it.