Random Thoughts Podcast #3: How Consciousness and Pattern Recognition Build Lethality (edited w/additions)

by | Apr 30, 2017


How understanding consciousness and perception can make you a better gunfighter and trainer of Gunfighters; how to accelerate learning of situational awareness and physical gunfighting skills by utilizing pattern recognition in training; experiments in compressing a months worth of situational awareness training into four hours (successfully).

About 25 minutes on the above.  Books referenced:

PRECONSCIOUS PROCESSING by Norman Dixon https://www.amazon.com/Preconscious-Processing-Norman-F-Dixon/dp/047127982X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493573281&sr=8-1&keywords=Preconscious+processing

THE USER ILLUSION by Tor Norretranders https://www.amazon.com/User-Illusion-Cutting-Consciousness-Penguin/dp/0140230122

THE HOUR BETWEEN DOG AND WOLF by John Coates https://www.amazon.com/Hour-Between-Dog-Wolf-Transforms/dp/0143123408

EDIT/CORRECTION:  In the podcast I mention LONE SURVIVOR as an example of what uncontrolled high-end situational awareness looks like; I meant to say AMERICAN SNIPER, specifically the coming home and adapting part at the end of the film.  An example of the “hallucination paradigm” in terms of processing visual data is the scene where Chris Kyle attacks the dog that he saw as a threat to his child — and the look of shock and fear on those civilians watching that reaction is an example of conflicting pattern recognition with others.  FYI.

EDIT/CORRECTION:  In the podcast I make reference to “Paul Navarro” body language reading; that should be Joe Navarro’s work.  I was practicing curriculum compression and combined Paul Ekman and Joe Navarro ; ).

Also I make reference to the DOD projects focused on training marksmanship by “downloading” the skill-sets from experts to novices.  Here’s a recent article on that subject:  https://futurism.com/darpa-is-planning-to-hack-the-human-brain-to-let-us-upload-skills/

Here’s a link to my blog post after I presented at the conference mentioned in the above article:  https://marcuswynne.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/marcus-goes-to-darpa-again/

There’s also a YouTube of my very brief Bottom Line Up Front talk at the conference in that post.

If firearms instructors want to remain relevant as the mechanical manipulation skills and basic marksmanship skill training are automated in the next five to ten years, they’ll focus on the human part of the equation in the gunfight — decision making, tactical expertise, situational awareness.  The prototype training programs and devices ALREADY EXIST to teach 80% of what currently constitutes firearms training in around 20% of the time, so Paretto’s Paradigm applies.  The next five to ten years will be interesting, to say the least, for those who are currently earning a living teaching firearms.


Above link from a press release yesterday — definitely a hot topic these days ; )

“May you live in interesting times.”  Chinese saying (curse).