Rob The Corrupt. Then Kill Them.

by | Feb 25, 2020


There are those who victimize others with impunity, and who get away with it again and again.

In a world of violence, uncertainty, chaos and asymmetry, two disabled Marine combat veterans take a stand, and mete out their own version of justice to bring a new order into chaos.

Their cure for that brand of odious arrogance and entitlement is to rob the corrupt.  Then kill them.

Meet The Revengers.

“We spent our careers ridding the world of assholes. And we didn’t do it for money, we’d have done it for free. We don’t do it for medals and we sure as hell don’t do it for fame. We do it because we’re wired that way. And we still are. There’s a world full of assholes out there, Sanchez. And way too many of them are getting away with shit like this, in the dark nooks and crannies of the world. A guy like this, with a badge? He’s a fucking disgrace to the whole profession, to anyone who goes in harm’s way on behalf of others. Taking him off the books is a blessing, rids the world of that. And since Uncle Sam ain’t paying these Misguided Children no more, we gotta pay our way. Pensions and disability aren’t gonna cut it. So let’s go after them. The worst of the worst. They got money, they got property, they think they’re fucking immune, hiding behind lawyers and bought judges and crooked cops and officials. How many times did we show up on some HVT who thought no one could get to him? Same skill set, same application as far as I’m concerned.”

Master Gunnery Sergeant Salt, United States Marine Corps, Retired

SALT:  Book 1 of The Revengers Series is my 11th novel.  The Revengers will be a series in the “revenge” crime novel genre, the same place you’d find DEATH WISH or THE EQUALIZER or PEPPERMINT or THE PUNISHER.  These novels are short, rich in action, and rely on a structure similar to the heist novel.  SALT is my first venture here.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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