Salt, Great Food, and Revenge Fiction

by | Sep 14, 2020

In my ongoing series THE REVENGERS, the two protagonists are retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeants from Force Recon, with a few side gigs for the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. In their EQUALIZER like quest to balance the scales of justice by ridding the world of criminals who think they are untouchable, they spend a lot of time conspiring over great food in hidden small restaurants.

One of their hangs is Orale’s, a fabulous Mexican food restaurant owned and operated by retired Marines.

  • The food is great.
  • Service superb.
  • Beer is cold.

Expect loud HOORAHS if you’re a veteran, and especially if you yell SEMPER FI going in or out the door.

Orale’s Mexican Eats
5447 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis MN 55419

And watch out for quiet limping old men.