And Finally, The Achy Man

I have a horror-thriller story I've been messing around with for years. THE ACHY MAN is the story of a demonic family from a demonic town (Hell Hallow), who move from victimizing the poor and minority community in their small town to larger hunting grounds in...

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Special Ops and Super Soldiers

READ ARTICLE HERE This excellent article by Mark Bowden (author of BLACK HAWK DOWN, KILLING PABLO, and other excellent titles) gives an overview of the history of special operations forces (SOF) and poses the question whether the exponential use of SOF challenges a...

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What I Do, How I Do It, And What’s New In 2021

Welcome to 2021!  A few updates... BUY HERE FICTION: I'm at work on Book #5 of THE REVENGERS:  JEFF. I'm following the more expanded format I explored in MACON and digging into the characters a bit more. JEFF is a bank guard whose hobby is impersonating police, public...

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I’m NOBODY…Who Are You?

 The latest from David Leitch, who brought you JOHN WICK and ATOMIC BLONDE. I'm a big fan of David Leitch. He was briefly a student of mine back in the early 90s. He was a JKD instructor at the Minnesota Kali Group and attended my firearms seminars before he left for...

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