Gear Reviews

An Appreciation of Spyderco Knives

I'm fond of knives. I'm half Welsh and half Filipino, which according to some of my witty friends makes me a maudlin drunken poet who sings beautifully in the shower and is given to violence, on occasion, with edgy/pointy things. Maudlin, yes; drunken, no; poet, on...

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Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoodie Jacket on Sale at REI!

I've heard about Arc'Teryx outdoor gear for years, though until I purchased an Atom LT Hoody I'd never owned any. While doing research for one of my novels I asked some of my friends who are involved in military and police special operations what the cool kids in the...

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Hill People Gear’s Mountain Serape

[youtube] Hill People Gear's Mountain Serape is one of the finest pieces of insulation kit on the market. Period. I've been an outdoorsman and backpacker since the 70s, tested gear professionally for...

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Hill People Gear

Keep an eye out here for a detailed review of Hill People Gear. These are a couple of guys who've taken some brilliant concepts and rendered them into rugged and efficient designs for very reasonable prices. I'll be testing their Kit Bag and Mountain Serape,...

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