A Teacher Is Measured By His Students

The most dangerous one is the one in the middle. Warrant Officer Clint Oosthuizen of the South African Police Service is my Brother From Another Mother. He's a master instructor of karate, military combatives, knife combat, handgunnery, combat tactics urban and rural,...

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Jedi Council, circa early 90s

From far left, clockwise around the Council Table: Vince O'Neill, Oklahoma State Police, Old Skool Oklahoma gunfighter; (then) Sergeant Dave Spaulding of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department, then SWAT and Training; (then) Special Agent Scott Ralston, Federal Air...

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Snowmobiles, Cognitive Neuroscience and Training Design

John Boyd, the brilliant fighter pilot and strategist/warrior-monk, opened his lectures on strategy with this example: “Imagine that you are -- on a ski slope with other skiers—retain this image in Florida riding in an outboard motorboat—maybe even towing...

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Less Is More

It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential —- Bruce Lee When I’m asked to prove that accelerated learning combined with stress inoculation holds up in the real world, I never cite studies and I rarely mention all the lives saved by my...

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