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Super Soldiers, Planet of the Apes, and The Future of Warfare

  Chinese Super Soldiers French Super Soldiers These two recent open source articles caught my attention recently. Super soldiers, performance enhancement, the how to, the why, and the "what are the downstream consequences" are all areas of interest to me, and...

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Sex, Robots, and Artificial Intelligence

"If you can't tell the difference [between a robot and a human], why does it matter?" "To be clear, I am not a person. I am not self-aware. I am not conscious. I can’t feel pain. I don’t enjoy anything. I am a cold, calculating machine designed to simulate human...

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Available for Pre-Order: Book 4 of THE REVENGERS

Macon Champagne is the name she selected when she entered the Witness Protection Program. It was her private joke on her criminal partners after she betrayed their long standing enterprise to a corruption-busting US Attorney riding high on a RICO case. She got a full...

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 For a fine example of superior performance under extraordinary stress, check out FAUDA on Netflix.  It fictionalizes the operations of the mistavrim, the deep cover counter-terror units of the Israeli Defense Force.  Similar to the "pseudo ops" of the SAS in Malaya,...

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