The Attache James Bond Wishes He Had, or the Jack-Sack that Jack Bauer Would Kill For

by | Jun 26, 2014

When I was a tyke, back in the Dark Ages when there were only 3-4 TV stations, and James Bond was the one and only (pre-Sir) Sean Connery, Q hooked up Bond with the ultimate briefcase — a classy leather attache case that concealed, among other things, a suppressed machine pistol. I’m sure it was influenced by Mitch Werbell’s case, which concealed a Mac-10 and a Cobray suppressor, but then I diverge on one of my historical rants.

Back to Cool Guy Attache Cases.

I’ve gone on before about Hill People Gear, the brain child of the Brothers Hill. — As a long-time outdoorsman, including a stint as a professional backpacker in the airborne infantry, I appreciate good (great) gear. And HPG does astonishingly great gear. See my previous gear reviews on their Mountain Serape, etc.

HPG products have caught on in a quiet way with some of the professional grey men our military and government deploys in various places — primarily because the gear is simple, clean, robust, elegantly designed, and, when appropriately outfitted, very low key and unobtrusive.

And you can run all kind of goodies in plain sight in one. I’ve seen one with a rifle plate slid into the computer sleeve, and the First Spear fabric that lines the main compartment rigged with holsters, radio pouch, spare mags, and a very cool three-cigar carrier I kinda wanted to steal, if I wasn’t afraid that the owner would hurt me.

My own decidedly low speed, high drag configured bag is pictured below.


As you can see from the book inserted for size comparison, not a big bag…


…and even when fully packed with EDC stuff and all my business and computer bumf, not too thick…


…the computer cut out…


..main panel opened up, fully loaded…


…and the Ranger School Day One, Block One, layout…

What do I like about it? It’s a lean, clean bag. The compact size forces load discipline on the user. I tote around a computer, back up drive, cell phone, cables, back up batteries, and then all my EDC gear you see there. The bag size and cut forces me to ask myself if I really need to throw one more thing in there. It’s fairly loaded, but honestly, I have everything I need to run my business(es) anywhere in the world, and can deal with any contingency that might come up, from nuclear war to a random date with a lovely woman, with the EDC selection laid out there.

Get yourself one while you can. Attache of choice in certain locations in and around Virginia Beach, Harvey’s Point, Fort Bragg, MacDill AFB and other choice environs.