THE SWORD OF MICHAEL is here…kinda

by | Oct 30, 2014

I’ve been busy lately with Accentus-Ludus business AND the recent round of promotions for SWORD OF MICHAEL. Link here:

To purchase at an Independent Bookseller near you click here:

To purchase the book at a Barnes and Noble, or click here:

The Kindle and e-book versions are apparently on sale everywhere; the trade paperback won’t be released till 4 November, next Tuesday, but you can pre-order if you like at the above link. I was going to shoot for a “Book Bomb Day” but due to the bizarre timing of the electronic and the paperback release, I’ll just leave that to my readers.

This PR bit has been an interesting journey. I’ve done lots of PR in my time: OPRAH, PRIMETIME, FOX, etc. etc. — for SWORD OF MICHAEL I teamed up again with the amazing Elena Stokes and her team at If you’re an author, or a publicist involved in publishing, or a publisher, if you don’t have The Goddess Len on your speed dial — you don’t have PR. Thanks, Len!

As my readers know, SWORD OF MICHAEL is a venture into a new (to me) genre: urban fantasy. I had a LOT of fun writing it, and a LOT of fun promoting it. Like I said, I’ve been all over the traditional mass media in news and talk shows, done easily a thousand radio interviews…but this was my first venture into alternative media and especially these very interesting shows and sites that focus on paranormal activity.

I’ll embed some links below, and I have a very interesting interview coming up on the COAST TO COAST radio show That will be late night on 4 November, and into the wee morning hours of 5 November. If you’re an insomniac (like me) tune in. Should be interesting.

Here’s a Q+A from Riffle:

I’m the October Pick of the Month at the awesome SF/F bookstore MYSTERIOUS GALAXY:

My good friend and long-time supporter WWE legend Lance Storm has a Twitter contest going on. If you buy SWORD OF MICHAEL and Tweet him a picture of you and the book cover, he’ll follow you on Twitter. @lancestorm

My awesome friend Ms. Kelly of (yes, that’s a thing!) has an interview with me here:

I’ve had several wonderful, rambling conversations with Jeff Rense; here’s a video he did with an extract from one of our conversations:

I’ve done several nation-wide radio interviews, and I have one coming up in my home town of Minneapolis, so if you’re on the morning drive listen to me around 7 a.m. tomorrow.

So a big shout out and thank you to all my readers, and all of those who support me with their friendship and shout outs — THANK YOU!

Enjoy the read.