The TOO WYLDE Giveaway Contest

by | Dec 23, 2011

Hello all!  Here's the details for the TOO WYLDE giveaway contest.

Instead of awarding a specific first, second, third and runner up prize, I'm going to do it this way — I will assign each entry a number drawn from a random number generator.  That will determine the ranking of the winners.  Then starting with Number 1, I'll give them first pick of the following prizes, and so on down the line till it's all given away.

A Gryphon M-10 fighting knife (production knife designed by Bob Terzuola) in a custom concealment sheath by Mike Sastre of River City Sheaths.  Sheath is Coyote Brown and can be worn IWB or OWB.  One of the finest concealment fighting knife/sheath combos.

$150 dollars worth of gunsmithing from Karl Sokol of Chestnut Mountain Sports.  I write about Karl's work all the time; for many years he's been one of the quiet "go-to" guys for serious fighting guns.  Not a guy to tweak a race gun, he's the guy you see when you want a gun to fight with that will work, absolutely, all the time.  The High Power he built for me went over 25K rounds with only two mechanical malfunctions, both attributed to bad ammo.  That's reliable.  You can get a lot of work done at Karl's reasonable rates, or use this to jump start that custom build.

An hour consultation/chat with me.  This can be about writing in general, a project you're working on, training, coaching, or just a rambling chat.  Via Skype if you're far away, over the phone or G-Voice otherwise.

A T-shirt from Righteous Duke of Righteous Duke Designs.

How to enter:
1.  Purchase TOO WYLDE from either Smashwords or Amazon.
2.  Write a review of TW and post it on either Smashwords or Amazon (or both!).
3.  E-mail a copy of the review *and* your name/preferred contact info (phone, snail mail, e-mail, smoke signals, telepathy, voice-to-skull, you pick…) to
4.  Stand by to be notified some time around the 21st of January!

That's it.

Thanks again for reading and for spreading the word about TOO WYLDE!  Please feel free to repost and share as you feel appropriate, and if you haven't, please sign up for my e-mail newsletter.

Merry Christmas!

cheers, m