You won’t have to feed the pig…

by | Jan 14, 2010

Some of my friends know that I’m a great fan of marriage, having married thrice thus far. And a renowned psychic (Sonia Choquette) told me I might have one more marriage left in me, because “…you’re a hopeless romantic, Marcus…”

I’ve been cleaning closets and throwing out old junk…here’s a wonderful snippet I found in one of my ancient journals (circa 1980 or so) — it’s an extract from a book titled “Hands and Hearts: A History of Courtship in America,” by Ellen Rothman (Harvard University Press).

“I feel sad when I don’t see you. Be married, why won’t you? And come to live with me. I will make you as happy as I can. You shall not be obliged to work hard, and when you are tired, you may lie in my lap, and I will sing you to rest…I will play you a tune upon the violin as often as you ask and as well as I can; and leave off smoking, if you say so….I would be always very kind to you, I think, because I love you so well. I will not make you bring in wood and water, or feed the pig, or milk the cow, or go to the neighbors to borrow milk. Will you be married?”