My Alter-Ego’s Bio, or Dr. Hyde’s Mr. Jekyll…

by | Jan 9, 2014

My good friend Ralph Mroz just sent me the rough cut of the first training video I’ve done on neural-based training. This particular training is in the context of retaining critical skills under stress for fire-fighters. I may be doing one in the future focused more on law enforcement.

As part of the process, I was asked to do a brief bio. Most of the three of you who follow this blog know my writing bio, and I’ve detailed at some length the history of the mental training material. But I like this bio! So here it is:

Marcus Wynne is the world’s foremost training designer for high-stress occupations. He introduced John Boyd’s OODA loop to the law enforcement community, brought neuro-linguistic-programming into military combatives, and evolved a cutting edge training protocol that embeds stress inoculation within the context of accelerated learning. He is a military veteran of the US Army’s 82d Airborne and a federal law enforcement veteran who served with the Federal Air Marshal Program. He’s taught at FLETC and hundreds of law enforcement and military academies; his work has been adopted at the national level in South Africa, Sweden, and Norway. He continues his research in consultation with DARPA, NASA, Naval Research and other cutting edge military research institutions here and abroad. He’s honored to share his work here with you.

And then there’s my thriller-novelist bio:

Marcus Wynne is a charter member of the Been There, Done That Club. He’s got all the T-shirts and knows all the secret handshakes. He enjoys poetry, ballet, knife fighting, and serial monogamy with fierce feminists. He is the author of NO OTHER OPTION, WARRIOR IN THE SHADOWS, BROTHERS IN ARMS, WITH A VENGEANCE, JOHNNY WYLDE, AIR MARSHALS, LOVELADY and, most recently, TOO WYLDE. He manages, with more than a little help from his friends, to eke out a living in this silly business.

So there’s the official bio for at least two of those pesky multiple personalities…yeah?