Training Intuition, or Spidey Sense Without The Bite

by | Jul 11, 2017

A friend of mine in Israel sent me this link: 

It references a program I’m familiar with and some colleagues at the Office of Naval Research and elsewhere.  This program focuses on training intution, or “spider sense” as we comic fans like to call it.  I cover my thoughts about this in this short podcast which also includes two exercises you can do in real time to jump start your own spider sense.  I’ve taught these exercises to the most experienced counter-terror unit in the world who came in off the street to do it and then went back out to use it. References in this short podcast.  I also list some errata I made in there — just a note, I do these podcasts as a labor of love for some people who are interested and either can’t train with me or are too busy.  So I cram them in between a lot of other things that take up my attention, hence occasional mistakes.  I made two in the podcast:  when I was referencing DARPA I should have also referenced ONR; when I reference my lead researcher training the Dalai Lama and his monks I should have said that was on the border of Tibet, not in Tibet, as the PRC is not particularly friendly to the Dalai Lama.  So instead of taking another half hour to make and post, just remember the errors.

Have fun!