A Great Review and FREE BOOK FRIDAY

by | Sep 25, 2020


Cheah Kit Sun is Singapore’s first Hugo and Dragon nominated author.  He’s also a fine professional reviewer who wrote a great review of my REVENGERS series here 

I don’t normally read reviews.  I find them distracting. I prefer to focus on writing the best story I can without worrying if someone will like or dislike it.  Cheah does an excellent and even-handed overview and critique of the series.  I appreciate Cheah’s knowledgable commentary as a long time reader who ably compares and contrasts this new series with my previous books. 

Always a pleasure to be read and intelligently criticized by a fellow professional.

In gratitude, I’m offering everyone in Singapore (and the rest of the world) a free download of SALT:  BOOK 1 OF THE REVENGERS.  The free book will be available at midnight Pacific Standard Time tonight, Thursday 24 September 2020, and will continue to be available all day Friday and Saturday until midnight Saturday 26 September 2020. Click for your free book here