More Questions And Answers…

by | Mar 2, 2021

I love the music of Larkin & Poe; thanks for the video. Have you mentioned them in your books before?

Glad you like them. They’re an amazing duo and I love their series of classic rock covers they shoot in hotel rooms and at home. Amazing stuff. I actually don’t remember if I’ve mentioned them in a book or not, but maybe I should!

I’m fond of quality covers. I love to hear a good song reimagined. Here’s another:

Thank you for your piece on deep fake and the implications.

Oh, you’re welcome. I enjoy educating people about the implications of the exponential daily increase in technological capability. It really does introduce an element that, as usual, the law/ethical concerns have yet to catch up to. We could see our likenesses copyrighted, trademarked, and sold. And what about “reasonable doubt” in criminal proceedings? If the formerly sterling quality of a still image or video can be questioned (and it certainly can be, right now) and you can dilute the chain of custody (fruit of the poisonous tree?) who might walk? How might aggressive defense attorneys use that? Criminal defendants? Corrupt public officials? It does call into question the very nature of what constitutes “truth” and “evidence.”

How can we get signed hard copies of your books?

I used to maintain a relationship with Uncle Hugo/Uncle Edgar’s bookstore in Minneapolis, who kept a small stock of signed books available via mail order. They were burnt to the ground during the riots in Minneapolis, which was just one more obscenity in the violence there. I have a very small stock of bound copies of some books, and I’d have to look and see what I have. I went to digital only because there really isn’t the demand for bound books there used to be, although it’s relatively easy to create bound books through Amazon. I’m swamped with some other projects, but stay tuned here and I may make a small number of signed copies available here through the blog. If you’re interested, send an e-mail through the blog to get on my list. I think I may have copies of NO OTHER OPTION and SWORD OF MICHAEL. I’ll let you know.

I read your recommendations for instructors. Who do you recommend for defensive tactics in the Houston area?

If you’re working security and need to go hands on, one guy local in Houston I can personally recommend is Stanley Phillips. Retired cop, part-time instructor for Paul Howe, full instructor in the Inosanto system, LE defensive tactics instructor. You can e-mail him at — tell him Marcus Wynne and Diana Rathborne recommended him.

So whatever happened to Nina’s nose?

LOL. For those that don’t know how Nina’s nose knows, you need to read NO OTHER OPTION, BROTHERS IN ARMS, and the entire WYLDE series. I’ll do a novella on the tale of Nina’s nose, probably as a round up and conclusion to the dangling story line in BROTHERS IN ARMS.

I read you’re not a firearms instructor anymore but you were for a long time. What gun do you recommend for a new civilian concealed carry person?

I’m laughing when I read this because one of my other age-peer buddies was busting me about remembering when we used to get questions about “basketweave vs. rough hide out” for concealment holsters, which is an inside joke obscured by the years. Not at you at all, by the way — there are just many other better and more knowledgable sources. I suggest you go to The Tactical Professor Blog (Claude Werner) or Active Response Training (Greg Ellifritz) for current and knowledgeable commentary. If asked, I tend to reply with questions assessing someone’s background knowledge about defensive shooting, firearms in general, willingness to do force, and willingness to train/practice. Based on those answers I’d generally recommend a firearm/caliber combination that in THEIR HANDS they are capable of fast accurate hits from 3-7 yards, and reasonable hits out to 15 yards. That tends to be a binary tree that goes either revolver or semi-auto, 9mm/.380/.22/.38 Special calibers. Ruger LCR revolver, or Glock 19 or similar sized compact semi-autos, and especially the new Sig 365 series. But I’d go to the two above sources for online discussions and friendly advice. I also recommend reading Claude’s books available on his blog, and Tom Givens recent book as good educational background to make an informed decision.

Keep the questions coming. I’m happy to answer them here.