Kindle Vella Opens For Readers Next Week…So I Gotta Go Pound Pages

by | Jul 9, 2021

My fiction writing has been sidelined with business, blogging, and general adventuring lately. I need to pound out more pages and finish this book. Readers who follow THE REVENGERS series know I use a classic pulp fiction structure in which the 3d quarter of the book is focused on the backstory of the villains. I indulge my Dark Side there, but right now I keep getting stuck with the perversity of the sexual relationship between Dan and Jeff, “The Bush League Boys,” small town trouble makers grown into worse trouble makers in their law enforcement and security jobs. They wreak much havoc with a sonic weapon (see recent headlines) and software package stolen from Homeland Security.

Keep an eye out for the announcement from Amazon next week!

If Kindle Vella doesn’t pan out, I’m going to compile all the episodes (some of which I’m still writing!) into a standard Kindle book format and publish it that way.