I have a promotion going this week to prep for the publication of my latest novella, MACON:  BOOK 4 OF THE REVENGERS. MACON will debut sometime between now and Halloween, depending on the vagaries of Amazon's KDP Publishing machine (and it is, after all, Mercury...

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Available for Pre-Order: Book 4 of THE REVENGERS

Macon Champagne is the name she selected when she entered the Witness Protection Program. It was her private joke on her criminal partners after she betrayed their long standing enterprise to a corruption-busting US Attorney riding high on a RICO case. She got a full...

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A Great Review and FREE BOOK FRIDAY

  Cheah Kit Sun is Singapore's first Hugo and Dragon nominated author.  He's also a fine professional reviewer who wrote a great review of my REVENGERS series here  I don't normally read reviews.  I find them distracting. I prefer to focus on writing the best...

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Salt, Great Food, and Revenge Fiction

In my ongoing series THE REVENGERS, the two protagonists are retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeants from Force Recon, with a few side gigs for the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. In their EQUALIZER like quest to balance the scales of justice by ridding the world...

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 For a fine example of superior performance under extraordinary stress, check out FAUDA on Netflix.  It fictionalizes the operations of the mistavrim, the deep cover counter-terror units of the Israeli Defense Force.  Similar to the "pseudo ops" of the SAS in Malaya,...

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